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The Man From The Window 3

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The Man From The Window is like the collection of your childhood fears. Darkness, suspense, monsters, hiding from danger. All the things you were terrified of or even still scared.You must survive at any cost. You have helpers and hints, but will they be enough for you? After all, this something seems so invulnerable. May you manage?

Hide For Life!

The Man From The Window is like a nightmare. You are trapped, scared and in need of help. In addition to the monster, there are other characters in the form of anthropomorphic animals. They are capable of helping you, but for the most part it all depends on your strength and resourcefulness.

Imagine it is chess. You have time to get ready. And then it appears. You are going to stay alive if you make the right decision. This is a puzzle game. And you are not able to win by fighting or running away from your problems. You are responsible for your integrity. It is necessary for you to save yourself from imminent danger.

It’s short, but so addicting that you’ll start over and over again until you get bored. And yet it never ceases to scare you. There will always be something unexpected waiting for you. At first glance, having thought through all your actions, your enemy is up to outwitting you. It should seem to you that your opponent is much smarter than you.

Reasons To Love It

Despite the simple visuals and simple controls, this indie game is a great horror for beginners. It is one of the best representatives of its genre. It also develops your mental activity, because you constantly need to think over a strategy against it. There are three endings here, and only one has a chance to be called good.

It’s free, so it’s really worth your time and attention. It is available for all platforms and languages. There are many details here that have not the opportunity to be ignored. It has more advantages than disadvantages. So it’s no wonder there are so many sequels.

You should recommend it to your friends. Whether they adore horror or not, everyone should try it. At least once. Start with the first two parts before moving on to this. It is possible for you to be sure you are going to love it. You definitely may not regret it.