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The Man From The Window 2

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The Man From The Window is an entertaining horror game where it is possible for you to feel the spooky atmosphere. Here comes the pressure not only with screamers that appear out of nowhere, but those fears that you had as a child. It says that there may be someone else besides you in the dark. Or it could be something scary that you are able to see somewhere.

Speaking about the plot of the game, it is important to mention that the boy, who is the son of the rabbit that the player plays as, has a book appearing out of nowhere. It just describes the events of how The Man From The Window comes to the house and begins to look for his so-called friends.

If he manages to catch you, then it ends badly for you. Therefore, your task is to try not to catch his eye. To do this, it is necessary for you to hide somewhere. Then it is able to take time for him to find you. And he has it, while on the subject, limited. There is only five minutes for everything.

Tips Close

It is important to mention that the events in the book are described for a reason. They are just the same and are a hint of what may happen when you run out of time to prepare. Therefore, read everything carefully and then start acting so that they don’t get to you in the end.

Furthermore, it is possible for you to delay it. To do this, you can, for example, block his passage with the help of a sofa. Then he is up to having to put in some effort and time. Therefore, one out of five minutes will already be spent. Furthermore, there are many other distractions. For example, there are also doughnuts on the table near the door. He also needs a minute to eat them.

Success of Part Two

It is worth mentioning that in the first part, quite interesting mechanics were demonstrated. Therefore, many players appreciated them as a part of the whole. Additionally, it is not surprising that many played the sequel with great pleasure.

Since the antagonist has returned and is looking for clues with which you are capable of understanding what you should do to avoid meeting him. Therefore, now you again need to be very attentive to details. Thus, you are up to succeeding without any problems.

Therefore, now it is worth hoping that in the near future the continuation will be released, which can become even more exciting. And it may be even more interesting than previous ones. And there is a possibility of new functionalities and mechanics appearing. And it is also quite good for users.