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The Man From The Window

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Get ready for the fact that you may have to hide in order not to fall into the clutches of The Man From The Window. Speaking of this, it is worth mentioning that this is a character from a book that a little boy finds. He comes to his mother, and she begins to read what the son brought.

According to the plot, it is possible for you to find out that some creepy The Man From The Window penetrates the house and begins to look for friends for himself. Therefore, at certain times you need to try not to catch his eye. Then you have a much better chance of success.

Follow the clues in the book

It’s important to mention that if you’ve tried this a few times already, and it still doesn’t work, look for clues. They are just there in the book. Based on the text, you are capable of understanding what may happen approximately in the next five minutes.

Thus, since you know where the antagonist will go, you can, firstly, delay him. And secondly, hide where he has the opportunity to go last. Thus, time may simply run out before he finds you. And it is quite good for you.

Therefore, it is able to be very good if you consider everything that you read. This way there will be a lot less failed attempts. And so you can relive those ten terrible minutes that the protagonists are experiencing as soon as possible. After all, not only the boy is in danger, but also his mother.

That’s why the process of playing becomes much easier for you. It is just necessary for you to be more attentive to details. Therefore, you have more chances for success.

Sequel to Fear and Horror?

It is worth mentioning that this is also a sequel, which turned out to be very exciting. Overall, the game received fairly good reviews. Therefore, it is very obvious that a sequel has come out in which you are capable of continuing the original hide and seek with this antagonist.

And by the way, many fans have already managed to play the second part and even hope for the release of the third. Since this is a rather unusual and interesting mechanic, when you have clues about how the antagonist is up to acting approximately. Additionally, you are capable of taking preventive action.

Therefore, the individual can be distracted, for example, by a sofa that blocks the passage. Then he is up to spending one minute out of five kicking down the door. Or it is possible for you to leave donuts for him to enjoy too. Or you are able to stay somewhere where he will definitely not look right away.