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Silence Channel 2

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Who would have thought that this nightmare would begin with an awakening from a strange noise? And you probably did not expect to see how something is watching you from an ajar door? And, unfortunately, no one is going to come to the rescue. This is how Silence Channel 2 begins. Intrigued? Without a doubt.

You are locked in your own house. There is total darkness around. To get out you have to solve puzzles. But will you succeed? After all, it follows you like a shadow, and is not able to resist it. All you can do is hide. Do your best to win!

It also has a first part that you can try first. After it, you are going to decide whether it is worth spending your time on this. Either way, the principle is the same for both. You need to get out, expect any creepy or strange phenomena, avoid dark places and much more. Despite the many advantages, remember, it is not for children.