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This game is dedicated to one popular creepy character. It escapes the lab and kills everything it sees. Your task is to stay alive. To do this, study the map and run away from the monster. Do your best to escape this cursed place. The main thing is not to be afraid!

It is captivating and intimidating. Even if you have never heard of this creature, after it, you should want to know more. You are going to try others. But still, as the very first, this one may become your favorite. In it, as you will notice, there are similar elements from different horror works.

Recommend it to your friends if they are interested in this creature, or like spooky things. Perhaps they are going to tell you about other monsters created by the author of this. Who knows, maybe there are projects for them too? In any case, you may have a pleasant time there. You won’t regret it.