Best Games

Buckys Grounds will appeal to lovers of mysticism. Your task is to escape from this strange place. Everything is going to be explained to you by a voice that wants to help. However, it is by no means difficult. In addition to the obstacles, the atmosphere itself will scare you a lot. You are locked in, there is darkness all around you and something is wandering around you.

You are able to walk, run, interact with objects, and also use the camera flash, which is always with you, like a flashlight. Go as protection from the monster. To survive, you need to collect chocolates. It’s short, so if you’re not afraid, you may handle it.

It’s creepy and interesting. The only negative is the errors that have the opportunity to interfere with you. But don’t worry, they’re being fixed. It can be downloaded on any device, which is very convenient. No wonder it has become so popular in such a short time.